• OCTOBER DEAL: Atomic Bomb and EAAmino Stack


OCTOBER DEAL: Atomic Bomb and EAAmino Stack

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Atomic Bomb


Take advantage of this great deal bringing you the perfect pre and intra workout combination in the form of Atomic Bomb and EAAmino!

Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bomb delivers the explosive ingredients necessary for combat in the weight room directly to your body. A ferocious blend of performance-enhancing ingredients ensure you buffer lactic acid build-up, sustain endurance, and crush PR’s as you approach your workouts with maximum intensity.



A powerful combination of Essential Amino Acids & BCAAs designed to amplify training efforts and sustain workout intensity.

Designed to be consumed intra-workout, and fortified with over 7.9 grams of EAAs per serving, 6 grams of which are BCAAs.

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