What is 2-Aminoisoheptaine?

2-Aminoisoheptaine is the latest stimulant to hit the industry by storm and has proven to be one of the most powerful stimulants we've seen for a long time. 

Also known as DMHA and Octodrine, this psychoactive CNS stimulant will enhance mental focus and overall energy levels considerably. Furthermore 2-Aminoisoheptaine will also work by enhancing dopamine and noradrenaline levels which are key hormones for making us 'feel good' and delivering a positive state of mind.

These all contribute to putting us into the best mindset for a great workout and explain why you have a sense of euphoria after consuming pretty quickly after with the only intention of smashing a workout at full throttle. In our opinion this compound is by far the strongest legal stimulant currently on the market and its no surprise to see some of the strongest pre workouts currently out there containing a dose of 2-Aminoisoheptaine and we think you'll be seeing a lot more of it in upcoming pre workout formulas. 


Recommended Dosing;

Doses range from between 75-250mg of 2-Aminoisoheptaine with 100-150mg being the most common dose used. We highly recommend to start at the lowering end of the spectrum even if that means halving the serving size of certain pre workouts. We all tolerate stimulants differently so start at a lower dose to find the sweet spot. I thin you'll be surprised on how little of this powerful CNS stimulant you really need for an insane workout


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