NAME: Alanna Pittorino


DOB: 28/10/89



I run my own Personal Training and Online Coaching company and have clients all over the world in Malta, US, Canada aswell as Ireland and UK

Future goals are to expand and continue to grow at the rate at which I’ve already been doing.

I’m a mother and self employed business owner and fitness has been a part of my everyday lifestyle and passion for years. I offer high in demand Personal Training services and Online coaching to clients worldwide. 


Personal Trainer and Online Coach 


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Online Personal Training and Nutrition

My online clients are located all across the world including clients from USA, Canada and Malta just to name a few.


I fully tailor my programmes for clients which include specific training programmes and nutritional plans to help you reach your goals.


My client base is forever evolving which has included some incredible transformations


If you are interested in finding out more information on my services then feel free to contact me on my Instagram below and i'll be happy to send across some details



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