What is Caffeine?

The most popular stimulant to ever grace the world which nearly all of us consume in every day life whether its in your morning coffee, a can of fizzy drink or our pre workout shake most of us will know it makes you feel pretty alert! This is because it's know as a potent stimulant to the bodies central nervous system which is the part of the bodies nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord.

Upon consumption of caffeine the highly effective stimulant is absorbed and reaches the brain quickly binding to adenosine receptors. These particular receptors are usually the binding site for the chemicals that make us feel sleepy and tired but caffeine essentially prevents / delays this process from happening. The result, an increase in mental focus and alertness.

Furthermore caffeine will also increase adrenaline output increasing heart rate and blood flow which will in conjunction with increased alertness put the body in a high energy state to workout and train. Add to the mix its ability to increase dopamine levels which is the hormone that makes us 'feel good' then you start to see why it is such a highly effective ingredient to use, especially for pre workout purposes.

On the flip side our bodies can become too used to the effects of caffeine in used too often. However the bodies tolerance to caffeine will vary from individual to individual so listening to the body can sometimes always be the best approach and effects are sliding then it could be worth cycling to a non caffeine pre workout for 2-4 weeks to give the adenosine receptors a rest

Recommended Dosing;

For pre workout purposes 100-300mg tends to be where most pre workouts  range between. These will vary and usually for good reason as it will depend on the blend of other stimulants that are contained with the pre workout. 250-300mg seems to be the most common dose and deliver the sweet spot for most of us. 


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