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NAME: Dean St Mart

DOB: 24/02/88

SPORT: Bodybuilding


2010 WKC U80kg Semi Contact Kickboxing World Champion
2011 - RIBBF IFBB Irish Nationals U75kg 3rd place
2012 - RIBBF IFBB Irish Nationals U80kg 5th place
2013 -  RIBBF IFBB Irish Spring Classic Open Classic Bodybuilding 7th place
2013 -  RIBBF IFBB Mr Cork U90kg 3rd place
2013 - IFBB European Championships U180cm Classic Bodybuilding 17th place
2014 - NABBA Irish Nationals WFF Athletic Class 6th place
2014 -  RIBBF IFBB Irish Nationals Open Classic Bodybuilding 4th place
2015 -  RIBBF IFBB IFitness Extravaganza Open Classic Bodybuilding 1st place
2015 - NABBA Irish Nationals WFF Athletic Class 4th place
2015 -  RIBBF IFBB Irish Nationals Open Classic Bodybuilding 4th place
2015 - NABBA WFF Irish Nationals WFF Performance Class 4th place
2016 - NABBA Irish Nationals WFF Athletic Class 4th place
2016 -  RIBBF IFBB Irish Nationals Open Classic Bodybuilding 6th place
2016 - NABBA WFF Irish Nationals WFF Performance Class 6th place
2016 - NABBA WFF World Championships Fitness Class Top 15
2017 - PCA JP Grand Prix Open Classic Bodybuilding 5th place
2017 - PCA Explosive Ape Grand Prix Class 2 5th place


Plasma Dry Etch Chemical Engineer 


Win a Men's Senior Class in bodybuilding.
Continue to educate bodybuilder's on health and supplementation.
Start a family.
Write a book on health and supplementation for bodybuilding.


My name is Dr Dean St Mart - Product Formulator for Supplement Needs and fitness industry renowned Pharmacologist.
I’ve been competing in bodybuilding since the age of 23, but prior to that, I was a World Champion Semi Contact Kickboxer. An accident in training led to smashed bones in my right foot, and my Dad who is an IFBB bodybuilding judge suggested to take up bodybuilding - the rest is history.
I hold a Double 1st Class Honours degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from National University of Ireland Maynooth where I finished top of the university and hold a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Fluorescence Spectroscopy. 
My interests lie in Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) pharmacology, novel drug design, health supplementation and applying Functional Medicine to athletes to improve their health. My love of Functional Medicine is what led to the creation of a lot of the Dr Dean range within the Supplement Needs brand. Through this, I have gained the respect of the majority of the fitness industry for my no-nonsense approach when it comes to PED safety and health management.
On a more personal note, I’m married to my wife Morgan who was also a Bikini competitor and a Level 4 Sports Injury Massage Therapist, and we have 2 beautiful boys Calum and Charlie. 
PhD and Double First Class Hons Degree
SN Education Co-Founder
Industry Renowned Pharmacologist
Top Supplements
Sleep Stack / PM Priming Stack
Advanced Health Stack 
Intra EAA + / Intra Carb +
Liposomal Glutathione / Curcumin
Omega Pro +
30 min Online Private Consultation Service