What is Higenamine?

The molecule Higenamine also known as norcolaurine is sourced from the Nandina plant and acts as a beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist. This means it will dilate the bronchial tubes, opening up the airways and increasing air flow.

 This makes Higenamine a little unique as most stimulants will cause vasoconstriction, decreasing blood flow but Higenamine will actually do the opposite and increase blood flow whilst increasing heart rate.

For the reasons stated above its no surprise Higenamine gets compared to ephedrine and it even tends to be dosed in similar fashion too. 


Recommended Dosing;

Although this compound is still fairly new to the industry the most common dosages tend to range from 20-50mg and to be taken as close to workout time as possible due to its very short half life 


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