NAME: James Gibson

DOB: 19/07/1991

SPORT: Bodybuilding


> NABBA NI Class 2 1st, Overall Winner
> PCA Bodypower Class 3 3rd
> PCA IRELAND 2016 Class 2 1st, Overall Winner
> IBFA IRELAND 2016 Novice 1st, Class 2 1st, Overall Winner
> UKBFF NI 2015 Novice 3rd
> IBFA IRELAND 2014 Juniors 3rd


Currently focus on my career. I will be focusing my training and diet towards growing and maturing my muscles. Come competiton time I will be focusing on the NABBA Worlds & Universe.


Chartered Accountant. 
Associate of Chartered Accountants Ireland


I am a Type 1 diabetic from birth. I began weight training for fun when I was around 13 years old. I played high level rugby throughout my teenage years. At 21 years old due to study commitments with Chartered Accountants Ireland I decided to stop rugby and start getting ready for my first bodybuilding show. The ability to train within my own time scale and not have specific training times was the big advantage.

For my first show I was handed a simple diet to stick to and got to work. Being a diabetic I had to learn on my feet. I felt no one else would know how my body would react. I heavily research everything I do to ensure minimal health impacts. Over the years I beleive I have built my knowledge by researching and asking questions to the people I would highly resepect in this sport then using the good old fashioned trial and error method. I will continue to bodybuild and train as hard as I do until I am no longer able.



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On top of my Chartered Accountancy profession I also hold a diploma in Advanced Sports, Exercise and Nutrtion. I am happy to discuss any questions anyone has especially diabetics who feel left out when it comes to normal practices.
For any queries you may have then feel free to drop me a DM on my Instagram at; 


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