Richard Stenning - Supplement Needs Ambassador





Name: Richard Stenning

DOB: 9/11/89

Height: 5ft 9

Weight Off Season: 105kg                         

Weight On Stage: 83.5kg


1st Place u90kg Inters UKBFF South Coast (2017)


Current Training Split;

Chest and Biceps

Back and Traps

Hamstings and Calves

Biceps and Triceps

Delta and Abs

Quds and Calves




Anabolic Designs Aminotaur

Rich Piana Full As Fuck

Multi Vitamin

Vitamin C

Omega 3,6,9

Whey Protein




Bodybuilding Inspirations;

Flex Lewis

Dorian Yates

Kevin Levrone 

Instagram: richbb89_ukbff




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