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Anabolic Designs Aminotaur - 594g

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Anabolic Designs Aminotaur is a highly dosed amino acid complex, rich in BCAA's and other Essential Amino Acids with 13g in total!

Anabolic Designs haven't held back with its dosing and have stacked a huge 7,000mg of Branched Chain Amino Acids in a highly effective ratio of 5:1:1. This ensures you have 5g of the key amino acid Leucine from every serving

Lets take a closer look at the Anabolic Designs Aminotaur and its key components;

5,000mg Leucine - When it comes to amino acids and more specifically BCAA's, the one that gets the most attention is Leucine. This amino acid is key to muscle growth and protein synthesis due to its ability to activate the protein known as mTOR. Anabolic Designs haven't sacrificed cost and have included a huge 5,000mg of Leucine per serving alongside the 2 other BCAA's L-Valine and L-Isoleucine which are both dosed at 1,000mg. This results in a solid dosage and ratio of these highly effective essential amino acids

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate - A vital amino acid dosed at 1,495mg which plays key roles in energy production. More specifically L-Carnitine will assist in driving fatty acids into the muscles to supply them with much needed energy supplies, enabling a higher degree off endurance

Essential Amino Acids -  These specific amino acids are known as 'essential' as they need to be consumed through diet and cannot be synthesised in the body. They play key roles in the recovery process of muscle tissue and the Aminotaur contains an impressive 5,000mg per serving


Add to this 3 great tasting flavours and you have all the components for a high quality intra workout formula. 


Mix 1 Scoop with water and consume during your training session, sipping throughout.

Do not exceed more than  6 servings in a 24 hour period

For enhanced results Aminotaur can be stacked with Raging Full 


Size: 594g

Serving Size: 1 scoop (19.8g)

Servings: 30


Per 1 Scoop Serving (19.8g)

Calories - 12

Carbohydrates - 3g
- of which sugars - 0g

Vitamin C (as ascorbic Acid) - 120mg

Magnesium (as citrate) - 100mg

Aminotaur Admino Complex - 13,495mg
L-Leucine - 5g
L-Isoleucine - 1g
L-Valine - 1g

Essential Amino Acids - 5000mg

L-Carnatine Tartrate (yielding 1000mg L-Carnitine) - 1495mg


Other Ingredients:

Glucidex, Citric Acid, N&A Flavouring, Calcium Silicate, Silica, Natural Colouring, Sucralose.



As a brand you can rely on Anabolic Designs formulating some fantastic products with highly effective dosing. Aminotaur is no different and boasts a fantastic amino acid profile that make this so such better than your typical BCAA powder. Flavours mix and taste really good and stacking with the Raging Full give you a highly advanced intra workout blend for those high intensity workouts


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