• CLEARANCE - BodyMax Powerlifting Belt XL


CLEARANCE - BodyMax Powerlifting Belt XL

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Weight training is a fantastic form of exercise that helps improve muscular power as well as adding spectacular definition to the whole body. Who doesn’t love well-defined pecs, or strong powerful quads and glutes? It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to training or a seasoned professional; there is nothing like making free weights an integral part of your program.

One of the biggest concerns when using heavy weights, especially when doing intense Power Lifts, is the pressure it can put on your lumbar spine. Anyone serious about taking their lifts to the next level should look closely at investing in a high-quality power-lifting belt such as this beautifully crafted Power Lifting Belt from BodyMax. Available in Extra Large this belt is stylish and smart.

Reinforced for maximum back support these belts also help to increase core abdominal pressure, which assists in maintaining the core stability vital for producing such powerful and challenging lifts. A classic design, these belts offer superb value for money and are perfect for anyone who takes their weight training seriously.

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