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CLEARANCE - Granite Supplements - Intra Keto - 540g

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Granite Supplements provides cutting edge, healthful nutritional tools to complement your bodybuilding strategic plan. Whether you’re generally restricting carbohydrate (e.g., keto-dieting) or simply prefer a lighter, carb-free intra-workout recovery drink, we’ve created Intra-Keto, a low-carb, ketone- enriched version of Recovery [but sweetened with “keto-friendly” erythritol].

We’ve included some of the recovery and performance perks of Recovery [electrolytes, essential amino acids (EAAs)] in Intra-Keto, to ensure hydration and anabolism / anti-catabolism, but replaced carbohydrate with ß- hydroxybutyrate, so you now have the flexibility to:

Build upon an entry-level dose of ketone bodies (as goBHB ß- hydroxybutyrate salts) by supplementing with additional ketone bodies and/or medium chain triglycerides.

Focus your nutrient timing towards pre- and/or post-workout carbohydrate intake (e.g., eat more whole foods).

Intra-Keto is a unique nutritional performance and recovery tool. In addition to the major electrolytes lost in sweat [to help keep you well hydrated], we’ve included a synergistic combination of three ingredients:


  • Ketone bodies as ß-hydroxybutyrate salts
  • Essential Amino Acid blend for anabolism / anti-catabolism
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha extract for its adaptogenic effects

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