• Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves
  • Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves

Iron Rebel

Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves

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The Iron Rebel Performance Knee Sleeves have been improved and are now back better than ever! Over the past year we have received testimonials from fitness enthusiast, Bodybuilders, professionel powerlifters, pretty much every kind of lifter out there, And we can proudly say we have the best sleeves on the market!

These sleeves are made of top grade 7mm neoprene, where other sleeves fail to deliver, The Iron Rebel® Performance Sleeves comes with warmth, support and rebound.

The double-stitch binding helps with keeping the knee stable and gives additional support on the rear so that you go your heaviest.

The construction makes sure that the Performance Knee Sleeves has the extra strength and durability so you can outlast and out perform.

  • Allowed in all Federations, except IPF

  • 7mm thickness

  • 30 cm length

  • Hand Wash with mild soap and cold water. Air dry.


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