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MPA Supps IsoSolve - 930g

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Graham Cracker Pie Crust


MPA Supps bring you their high quality cold filtered whey isolate that contains ZERO Lactose, ZERO Sugar, 0.5g Fat and tastes amazing too!

MPA IsoSolve™ is a 100% cold-filtered whey isolate protein powder that is void of lactose, sugar, gluten and is extremely low in fat content.

I wanted to create a basic Whey Protein Isolate that you could blend with ice in a blender, and create a thicker, creamier type of shake. Something that starving dieters can actually look forward to when wanting to fulfill a sweet tooth, and want a “milkshake replacement,” without the added sugar and fat that comes with a true milkshake.

MPA IsoSolve™ was also designed to complement MPA Pie Fuel™ perfectly! Since all Pie Fuel™ flavors will be (of course) pie flavored -- MPA IsoSolve™ will have a flavor scheme that will enhance and add to the Pie Fuel™  flavor system.


Adapt Nutrition GH Assist Dosage 

Mix 1-2 scoops of MPA IsoSolve™ into water or beverage of choice. Stir with a spoon, shake in a shaker bottle, or blend with ice in a blender for a thicker, creamier shake.


Adapt Nutrition GH Assist Nutrition

Size: 930g

Serving Size: 31g (1 scoop)

Servings: 30


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