• Trained By JP Nutrition PrePare, MPS Max and Sustain Stack

Trained By JP Nutrition

Trained By JP Nutrition PrePare, MPS Max and Sustain Stack

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PREpare is broken down into 2 very distinct concepts.

  1. Cell Swelling Stack.
  2. Mental Focus Stack.


For the Cell Swelling Stack, we wanted to include clinical dosages of ingredients that would ensure increased nutrient delivery, improve waste product removal, cell swelling and fullness of the trained muscle and ensure optimal levels of vascularity.


Prepare brings together the addition of patented Setria® Glutathione with 6g of pure L-Citrulline. Nitric oxide (NO) is endogenously synthesized from L-arginine and L-citrulline and due to its effects on the enzyme isoforms of nitric oxide synthase (NOS). The addition of reduced glutathione (GSH) may protect against the oxidative reduction of NO thereby ensuring the production of NO is maintained. Furthermore, an increase in NO production may enhance oxygen and nutrient delivery to active muscle resulting in more efficient anabolism of muscle tissue.



TrainedbyJP Nutrition is proud to present MPS Max; an exciting complete protein and essential amino acid mTOR activating product formulated alongside Dr Dean St Mart.

Of the 20 standard known amino acids, humans can only make 11; also known as the Non-Essential Amino Acids (N-EAA). We know that amino acids are required as the nitrogen containing elements needed to synthesize and repair various substrates in the body like muscle tissue. This leaves human’s requiring 9 other amino acids as being “essential” or being required to be ingested from the diet.

Of these 9 essential amino acids, we have 3 amino acids known as “Branched Chain” Amino Acids which include Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine.

It is known that Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) is controlled by the concentration of extracellular amino acids. That is simply the amount of amino acids within the blood either from infusion or by ingestion. MPS appears to reach a peak 2 hours after ingesting an amino acid source. The Branched Chain Amino Acid Leucine is known to be able to stimulate MPS directly.



TrainedbyJP Nutrion is proud to present Sustain: an advanced intra workout carbohydrate supplement.

It is widely known that the ingestion of carbohydrates (CHO) before, during, and after exercise can effectively improve performance, primarily by its contribution to maintaining high blood glucose concentrations. The International Society of Sports Nutrition has set the recommended amount of CHO ingested if rapid restoration of glycogen is required at carbohydrate refeeding of 1.2 g/kg bodyweight/hr. The recommendations suggest 1-2 g/kg BW CHO 3-4 hr prior to exercise, and 30 – 60 g/kg BW/hr CHO during exercise.

HBCD (highly branched cyclic dextrin) is a novel type of maltodextrin produced from waxy corn starch by the cyclization reaction of a branching enzyme. This gives HBCD a relatively high molecular weight than other conventional maltodextrins and because of this controlled structure, HBCD is highly soluble and stable in water, does not have an unfavorable smell or taste in solution, and has low osmotic pressure. Osmotic pressure is an important factor that determines the gastric emptying rate of a drink. HBCD has a higher gastric emptying rate than glucose and maltodextrin based carbohydrate drinks at rest and during exercise; and studies have reported less discomfort during exercise when they received an HBCD-based drink compared to a glucose- or maltodextrin-based drink as glucose and maltodextrin solutions may remain in the stomach much longer compared to the HBCD solution.

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