Non Stim Pre Workouts vs Stim Pre Workouts: Which Is Best?

Non Stim Pre Workouts vs Stim Pre Workouts: Which Is Best?


Introducing performance-based supplements into your regime can give you that extra boost of energy you want to smash your workout routine, whether that’s reaching a new personal best result, an intense session in the gym, or a spin class with a little extra spin. In this article, we’ll help you decide whether non stim pre-workouts or stim pre-workouts are best for you. Or, if you could benefit from utilising both at different times. 

There’s an abundance of information out there, and things can get a little confusing in the world of supplements. We’re here to help keep this decision-making process as smooth as possible. Read on to discover the difference between stimulant and non stimulant pre-workout supplements and make an informed decision as to which one could provide the most benefits for your workout routine.

Weigh up the pros and cons  to both types of pre work-out supplements before choosing.

What is a pre-workout?

Pre-workout supplements are intended to boost your performance when exercising. They’re available in various formats, which format you take yours in depends on personal preference. They’re available in powders, capsules, bars, and premixed drinks. 

While they aim to improve workout performance, it's important to be aware of potential effects and check with a healthcare practitioner before using pre-workout supplements, especially if you have any pre-existing health concerns.

What’s the difference?

Let’s take a look at the differences between stim and non stim pre-workouts:

Non stim pre-workouts

Non stim put simply means not a stimulant containing supplement; put even simpler, non stim pre-workouts don’t contain caffeine. So, they’re ideal for those who don’t react well to caffeine or would like to cut down without it affecting their workout routine. 

With ingredients like L-Citrulline and Beta Alanine, non stim pre-workout supplements aim to help improve endurance and hopefully give you a better pump. They are also great for anyone who works out in the evening, as they shouldn't interfere with sleep.

Stim pre-workouts

Stim pre-workout is exactly what you imagine – a stimulating pre-workout! It’s usually a pre-workout supplement that contains caffeine or ingredients that focus on naturally increasing adrenaline to help boost your energy and focus levels while exercising. 

The caffeine in these supplements is great for consumers who require a quick energy boost before working out. Although, if you don't react well to caffeinated products, especially at moderate dosages above 200mg, they can induce jitteriness, an upset stomach, and sleep issues.

The best time to take a stimulated pre-workout supplement is in the morning or early afternoon, as it could interfere with your sleep schedule if it’s taken too late in the day. It takes up to 5 hours for half the dose of caffeine to be removed from the body, so if you take 200mg at 5 p.m just before the gym after work, there’s still going to be around 100mg at 10 p.m when you’re trying to go asleep! 

Benefits and side effects of non stim pre-workout

Both stim and non stim may benefit your workout regime, it’s just about finding the right one for you! So, if the below sound like something you need or make more sense for your body, non stim may be the one.

  • Non stimulated pre-workouts do not have any caffeine in their ingredients – this means no jitters.
  • There’s no ‘caffiene crash’ post-workout that can leave you feeling more tired.
  • If you prefer a late night workout session, it shouldn’t disrupt your slumber.

Benefits and side effects stimulant pre workout

If you’re not negatively affected by caffeine, a stimulant based pre-workout could be calling.

  • The caffeine consumption will increase your endurance and increase your energy levels. The recommended dosage varies from 2-4 mg/kg bodyweight which generally translates to between 200-400mg of caffeine.
  • Most stim products use caffeine anhydrous, a synthetic form of caffeine.This is great because you will feel the effects shortly after taking the supplement. However, it also means you could feel the caffeine crash post-workout. 

How to choose the right pre workout for you

It ultimately comes down to personal preference. And how your body reacts or doesn't react to caffeine and other ingredients in pre-workout supplements. Non stim supplements generally work better for those who want a more ‘natural’ way to boost their performance, aiming to deliver more nutrient rich blood to enhance recovery. Stimulant based supplements are great for those who want a quick boost and aren’t negatively affected by caffeine. 

Stacking non stim and stim pre-workouts

We offer both stim and non stim pre-workout here at Supplement Needs. Our stim pre-workout supplement, PRE Focus+ contains 200mg of natural caffeine from PurCaf (a trademarked green coffee bean extract), and our non stim pre-workout supplement, PRE Pump+ with 12 ingredients for a skin splitting pump. Both are very popular and have seen real fitness gains. 

The best news of all? – you don’t have to choose! You can alternate between both if you want to see the benefits of both pre-workout types available. They have been designed to be stacked to create a fully comprehensive duo for the ultimate pre-workout experience. 

Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think!

Find your perfect pre-workout supplements

We hope you found this article helpful and are now feel fully equipped to choose the perfect pre-workout supplement for your routine. 

Here are Supplement Needs, we believe there is a performance-supporting supplement for all. If you have any questions, get in touch with us today. Read our helpful health and fitness blog for regular supplement, fitness, and wellbeing updates. 

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