Your immune system plays a critically-important role in keeping you healthy. Composed of many of your body’s organs, cells, and proteins, your immune system can both prevent you from getting ill, and help you recover when you do fall ill. 

More specifically, your body’s immune system has two ‘sub-systems’. These are; the innate immune system, and the adaptive immune system.

The innate immune system is effectively your ‘first line of defence’ and includes natural barriers (such as the skin and mucous membranes) and immune system cells (also known as defence cells) and proteins.

The adaptive immune system is the part of your immune system that - as the name suggests - ‘adapts’ to target specific pathogens. The adaptive immune system responds to pathogens that have breached your innate immune system with a combination of lymphocytes and antibodies. 

But, to do their job, both the innate and adaptive immune sub systems require a range of vitamins and minerals on an ongoing basis in order to function at their best. 

Supplements to boost the immune system

If your immune system requires vitamins and minerals to function at its best, then it follows that supplements may be beneficial. 

Whilst everyone’s body is different, there is a considerable body of evidence to suggest that the supplementation of certain vitamins and minerals can help support the immune system. 

The best Vitamin C supplement for the immune system

Take Vitamin C, for example. This is arguably one of the most ‘well known’ of the immune-boosting vitamins. As one study characterised it, Vitamin C ‘contributes to immune defence by supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system’. 

Another study has suggested that Vitamin C helps encourage the production of lymphocytes - the white blood cells that are vital to your immune system.

The Supplement Needs Liposomal Vitamin C supplement is widely regarded as one of the best forms of Vitamin C for the immune system. 

Why? Because, as a liposomal it has superior bioavailability and is designed to ensure the optimal absorption of the core ingredient, Quali-C, a high-quality form of Ascorbic Acid. 

Vitamin D supplements for immune health

Another vitamin you may wish to consider supplementing in relation to your immune system is Vitamin D. 

A plethora of studies have suggested that Vitamin D can ‘modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses’. Furthermore, studies have indicated that ‘deficiency in Vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as increased susceptibility to infection’. 

It’s for those reasons (and more), that you’ll find the highest-quality Vitamin D supplement amongst our immune health range. The Supplement Needs Vitamin D3 supplement has been formulated using 125 mcg to yield 5000iu. 

Glutathione and the immune system

Search Google for the topic of immune health and one of the substances you’re likely to see mentioned with regularity is Glutathione. 

Made up of a series of amino acids, Glutathione is considered to be the body’s ‘master antioxidant’, and is thus able to assist the immune system’s cytokine levels and lymphocytes. Perhaps most importantly, it can also help prevent oxidative stress affecting your immune cells. 

Here at Supplement Needs, we’ve developed what we like to think is the ultimate Glutathione supplement. 

Supplement Needs Liposomal Glutathione has been designed around Setria® Glutathione - a clinically-studied form of Glutathione which has been shown to increase blood Glutathione levels and support the immune system.

The best multivitamin for the immune system

For many people, it’s simply more convenient (and cost-effective!) to support their immune system by taking a multivitamin rather than individual, concentrated doses of particular vitamins. 

That’s why here at Supplement Needs, our product formulator and renowned industry leader, Dr. Dean St Mart PhD, has developed ImmunoPro+

ImmunoPro+ is a 14 ingredient blend that provides four minerals, two vitamins, and eight other ingredients that have clinical evidence to suggest they support immune health. These ingredients include Wellmune Beta Glucan, Elderberry Extract, Garlic Extract for Allicin, Olive Leaf Extract, Bee Propolis, Astragalus, Lysine, Glucosamine Sulphate, Vitamin A, C and D3, Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper. 

How to support your immune system

If you’re wondering how you can best go about supporting your immune system, or if you have further questions around the Supplement Needs immune health range, check out our detailed guide - How to Boost Your Immune System.

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