Shane Flowers

Englands Strongest Man 2021

Shane Flowers

I am 28 years old and a former international powerlifter turned professional strongman. I was always involved in sports such as football and rugby growing up until aged 15 when I was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery with a ruptured appendix. After a year or so I started weight training to rebuild myself physically as I was still underweight, but pretty much straight away I got bit by the iron bug and I never returned to team sports. I naturally gravitated to the heavy compounds and soon after entered my first powerlifting competition. After 7 years in powerlifting with national and international titles I decided to hang up my powerlifting belt for good. 2019 rolled around and the lockdowns made getting to the gym impossible. So with just some sandbags, scaffolding and a few weights I started to train strongman on my driveway. As soon as the world reopened I entered my first strongman competition and the rest is history! 2 years later I am the reigning England's strongest man and on the 2022 Giants Live pro tour headed to World's Strongest Man


2021 England's Strongest Man

2022 Europe's Strongest Man 5th

2019 GPC King of the Deadlift

2017 IPF Commonwealth Games Champion 

420kg/925lbs deadlift 

Shane Flowers

Joined Team SN
September 2021
Online Strongman/ Powerlifting Coach

I am on online strength coach tailored specifically for powerlifting and strongman and woman, but also some general and sports specific S&C.

I have a BSc ( Hons) and all other relevant qualifications and with over a decade experience across multiple powerlifting federations and levels within strongman. If interested drop me an email on

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