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NAME: Jimbo Cooper

DOB: 19/03/95

SPORT: Powerlifting 


3X GPC -110 Junior World Records - 

Sqaut 335kg

Bench 230kg

Total 875kg 

3X WPC -110kg Junior World Records -

Sqaut 342.5kg 

Bench 231kg 

Total 878.5kg 


Move to California and be training at Supertraining Gym with the mbslingshot team. 

Win ProRaw at the Arnold's 2019. 

One day do a bodybuilding show. 

Coach people to achieve their goals in both powerlifting, bodybuilding or any other fitness related goals.


I started training in 2013 and was originally into bodybuilding but found that my strength went up very quickly and was always told to get into powerlifting. I never listened until 2017 when I did my first meet and won. Since then I haven't looked back. With the support of my amazing girlfriend Evelina I have been able to progress and learn so much more. We share the same passion and drive which will continue to carry us and have us reach our goals.



Working in a supermarket warehouse / studying to become a personal trainer



> Powerlifting programs that are personalised for you and your strengths/weaknesses.

> I offer a complete program for everything or one of each individual lift.

> Should you need assistance programs, I offer that too

> I also offer bodybuilding programs if you want to build size instead. 


For more information feel free to contact me on  my instagram below;