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Adapt Nutrition Pre Train V2 and Intra Amino BCAA

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Pre Train V2 Flavour
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Pre Train V2

Adapt Nutrition bring you their new reformulated researched driven pre workout formula called the Pre Train V2!

Ingredients have been jacked to another level to ensure vasodilation and mental focus are taken to a new level. Lets take a closer look at the keys components of the Pre Train V2 blend;

L-Citrulline - First off we should point out that this is L-Citrulline and not Citrulline Malate so it is 100% L-Citrulline powder to deliver its full effect and delivers 4500mg per serving! L-Citrulline has the unique ability to convert to arginine through a process in the kidneys and peaks arginine levels in the body better than supplementing arginine itself! The higher our blood arginine levels are the better the nitric oxide levels become. L-Citrulline is by far one of the most powerful NO boosters out there! 

Beta Alanine - at 2000mg per serving this perfect amino acid is to be consumed pre workout, beta alanine has the unique ability to increase carnosine levels in the muscle. This will in turn promote an optimal ph balance for the muscles to work at their most effective. This is down to delaying the onset of lactic acid which is a by-product of hard working muscles which can make you feel so fatigued during your sessions. Beta Alanine will ensure lactic acid is delayed allowing you to train with much higher intensity for longer periods


L-Taurine - A fantastic component of Pre Tain V2 blend and an ingredient that should be in every great muscle pump formula. L-Taurine will assist with various roles in the body including mental focus as well as blood flow allowing for much needed nutrients to be delivered to those hard working muscles. This will also allow for great muscle pumps with the 1000mg added to this blend!

Caffeine - Offering the ultimate stimulant priming your focus to a new level. With 300mg per serving you can guarantee focus will only increase throughout your workout without a hint of it dropping!

Betaine Anhydrous at 1500mg - This scientifically proven ingredient is 99% pure and derived from the molasses of sugar beets. Once consumed this powerful ingredient will allow for enhanced muscle pumps alongside an increase hydration and performance.

Di-Caffiene Malate - This is essentially caffeine and malic acid which has been fused with an ionic bond and is approximately 75% caffeine and 25% malic acid. The malic acids role is to buffer the salts in the caffeine allowing for more effective digestion whilst providing a more sustained release of caffeine and therefore delivering a more lasting level of energy. This also reduces the chances of the common caffeine crash many of us suffer with normal caffeine consumption. Di-Caffeine Malate is starting to become a more popular addition to pre workouts due to its efficacy and companies will often combine a level of Caffeine alongside Di-Caffeine Malate which means consumers can get the best of both worlds which seems to result in much better and more consistent focus and energy levels.


Intra Amino BCAA

Intra-Amino BCAA by Adapt Nutrition is the perfect solution to your training needs boasting a huge amino acid profile rich in BCAA's.

Fighting fatigue whilst we train and feeding the muscles with the much needed nutrients can often be the difference between reaching our goals and failing. Adapt Nutrition have chosen the most optimal doses and ingredients available to ensure that you recover faster, fight fatigue and train for longer at the highest intensity possible.

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