• JANUARY DEAL: Big Noise and Mental Trigger Stack


JANUARY DEAL: Big Noise and Mental Trigger Stack

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Big Noise Flavour


Combing a product solely designed to enhance blood flow, muscle pumps and stack that alongside a product specifically designed to enhance overall mental focus and you have the components to an insane pre workout. Redcon1 Big Noise and Mental Trigger

Big Noise

Redcon1 bring you their highly anticipated pump N.O formula which is completely stim free and has no proprietary blends delivering high volume, blood dilating muscle pumps! 

No proprietary blends means no hiding under dosed ingredients and Redcon1 have nailed the dosages in this 8 ingredients formula.


Mental Trigger 

Redcon1 Mental Trigger is the ultimate all in one nootropic formula to deliver optimal focus attentiveness and overall brain power!

The Mental Trigger blend is one of a kind with its unique blend of choline and stimulants which has been developed for people from all works of life. No matter if you are a hardcore bodybuilder or a university student needing that mental edge to get those grades the Mental Trigger formula has the versatility to get you in the mindset you need and smash any goal you have in front if you!

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