Redcon1 Grunt - 285g - 30 servings



£0.99 per serving
Flavour: Cherry Lime

RedCon1 Grunt is a non-proprietary Essential Amino Acid supplement designed to be taken to support your daily protein intake.

Formulated using all 9 Essential Amino Acids, yielding 6.9g per 9.5g serving; of which 3g L-Leucine, 1.5g L-IsoLeucine, 1.5g L-Valine.

Grunt has been designed to be stacked alongside Cluster Bomb.

Available from Supplement Needs in 4 flavours – Cherry Lime, Pineapple Banana, Tiger’s Blood and Mango.


Directions for Use

Mix 1 serving (9.5g) with 400-600ml water and consume.


Nutritional Information

Size: 285g

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (9.5g)

Servings: 30


Per Serving: 9.5g (1 Scoop):

L-Leucine - 3g

L-Isoleucine - 1.5g

L-Valine - 1.5g

L-Lysine - 300mg

L-Threonine - 250mg

L-Phenylalanine - 250mg

L-Tryptophan - 50mg

L-Histidine - 25mg

L-Methionine - 25mg

Other Ingredients: Citric acid, natural and artificial flavours, malic acid, sucralose, acesulfame-k, silica.