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  • Redcon1 Mental Trigger - 60 Capsules


Redcon1 Mental Trigger - 60 Capsules




Redcon1 Mental Trigger is the ultimate all in one nootropic formula to deliver optimal focus attentiveness and overall brain power!

The Mental Trigger blend is one of a kind with its unique blend of choline and stimulants which has been developed for people from all works of life. No matter if you are a hardcore bodybuilder or a university student needing that mental edge to get those grades the Mental Trigger formula has the versatility to get you in the mindset you need and smash any goal you have in front if you!

Lets take a closer look at the Redcon1 Mental Trigger blend;

Hesperidin - A compound found in orange peels which has the unique ability to increase circulation and improve brain function from certain external stressors. This allows the mind to stay more focused and battle any potential stress related factors occurring.

Theacrine - A potent energy related compound that has the unique ability of not elevating blood pressure whilst exerting stimulatory effects keeping alertness and focus high

Caffeine - Caffeine will offer the ultimate stimulant, priming your focus to a new level. With 250mg per serving you can guarantee focus will only increase throughout your day without a hint of it dropping!

Alpha GPC - This cholinergic compound boasts some impressive studies which have shown to assist in cognitive decline. This ensures that you can stay focused throughout the day especially stacked alongside compounds such as caffeine

Mucuna Pruriens (60% L-Dopa) - The key to Mucuna Pruriens is its ability to provide L-Dopa which is a direct precursor to dopamine. Benefits include increasing Testosterone, decreasing Cortisol and of course its increases in dopamine which can positively effect an individuals state of mind allowing focussed sustained mindset.


Key features

Improve alertness

Highly versatile product to be used by all walks of life

Maintain optimal focus levels

Deliver mental clarity

Enhance confidence levels


To asses tolerance take 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach

Once tolerance has been assessed, take an additional capsule


Size: 60 Capsules

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings: 30


Per Serving (2 Capsule)

Caffeine Anhydrous - 250mg

Hesperidin 92% (Citrus Sineses [peel]) - 100mg

Teacrine (Theacrine) - 50mg

Mucuna Pruriens (60% l-dopa) - 35mg

Alpha GPC (90%) - 30mg

BioPerine - black pepper fruit extract - 5mg


Other Ingredients:

Natural and artificial flavours, Acesulfame K, Silicon Dioxide



For many of us 1 capsule can usually be enough and do a great job so we would highly recommend to take just 1 capsule a day for the first few days to really assess your tolerance levels. If the level of focus is high an sustainable throughout the day on just 1 capsule then by all means stick at that dose. With the caffeine and Hesperidin in the Mental Trigger blend the effects of the product are pretty fast acting but what we love about the product is that the results are very sustainable even after a long stressful day. 


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