• Strom Sports KarboMax - 1.5kg

Strom Sports

Strom Sports KarboMax - 1.5kg

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Strom Sports bring you their advanced intra workout carbohydrate source that has utilised the high quality ingredient that is Karbolyn! 


Available in 3 flavours 

Per serving 

25g patented Karbolyn 

2g citrulline Malate

1g Glycerol monostearate

 400mg Electrolyte complex



Mix 1 scoop with 500-700ml of cold water and consume throughout your workout For best results combine with your chosen EAA formula

Size: 1.5kg

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (30g)

Servings: 50


Per 1 Scoop Serving (30g)


Karbolyn - 25,000mg

Citrulline Malate - 2000mg

Glycerol Monostearate - 1000mg

Electrolyte Complex - 400mg


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