• Strom StimuMax PRO and VascuMax Bundle

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Strom StimuMax PRO and VascuMax Bundle

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StimuMax Flavour
VasuMax Flavour


StimuMax: New and improved formula 


Long awaited! 30 servings one of the most well dosed pre workouts on the market available in ENERGY flavoured goodness from us here at Strom!


6000mg Citrulline malate

3200mg beta alanine

1000mg nac l tyrosine

250mg caffeine

200mg juglans Regis whole fruit extract - 10-1 water extract 

The PRO version of Stimumax adds 250mg of Alpha GPC to the mix -which can possibly increase alertness and promote focus- if you like StimuMAX you will LOVE this!

30 servings 

insane energy



Key Facts:

  • PUMP focused Pre-Workout powerhouse
  • 1000mg concentrated beetroot extract packed with natural nitrates
  • Increased to 4,000mg Citrulline Malate (2 to 1 ratio) for sustained endurance and vascularity (V1 - 3000mg)
  • 1,000mg Glycerol
  • 1,000mg Nac-L-Tyrosine for unparalleled focus
  • 2500mg betain to help speed up recovery both between sets and between workouts 
  • Advanced FruitFlow® & Cyclic Dextrin Transportation System! 
  • 30 Muscle-Blowing Servings!


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