Supplement Needs Premium Lifting Straps



The Supplement Needs Lifting Straps are not only made from an exclusive elastic and high quality cotton combination to allow for optimal comfort and wicking of sweat; but also include a custom premium embedded additional gel grip in the form of raised 'Supplement Needs' text.

Designed to enhance your weightlifting sessions by allowing you to perform those all important last extra reps; our exclusive gel grip design will give you that extra strong grip when performing heavy pulling exercises such as deadlifts, rows, pull ups and shrugs. 


Product Highlights

- One Size 

- Sold as a pair (2 per pack)

- Sleek black design with subtle SN branding

- Additional grip with SN branded gel grips

- High Quality, Tough, Long Lasting and Comfortable

- High Production Standard

- Suitable for all types of training

- Perfect for heavy pulling exercises such as deadlifts, rows and shrugs

- Packaged in our Supplement Needs custom drawstring bags