Magnesium - How important is it to supplement?

Magnesium - How important is it to supplement?


Magnesium is an Electrolyte; similar to Sodium and Potassium.

Important for muscle function and cardiovascular health by supporting smooth muscle contraction; Magnesium has many positive effects towards training performance, recovery and daily health.

Involved in over 300 functions and enzymes of the body, you can begin to appreciate how critical magnesium is to daily function.

The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is 300-400mg of Elemental Magnesium; but Athletes generally require >600mg due to energy metabolism requirements and looses through sweat etc.

Whilst it is important to obtain micronutrients from nutrition and diet, many of the high Magnesium foods are also calorie dense, with the majority being fat sources.

For example, Pumpkin Seeds have 168mg Magnesium per 28g, Almonds 80mg per 28g and 70% Dark Chocolate 50mg per 28g.

For a calorie controlled setting, supplementation is the easiest way to increase Magnesium intake alongside diet.

Safe and effective, the main side effect of taking too much Magnesium is loose stool/diarrhoea due to its ability for the gut to rapidly absorb water. This is easily resolved by lowering dietary intake or stopping intake supplementally.

At Supplement Needs, we have 5 specific formulas which cater towards your Magnesium requirements.

Supplements which can be taken daily to improve Magnesium intake:

Magnesium Bisglycinate - 2 capsule serving provides 151mg of Magnesium alongside Glycine to aid COMT enzyme activity and support neurotransmitter clearance at bedtime for a more relaxing sleep.

Electrolyte+ - 7g serving provides 145mg Magnesium from Magnesium Taurate and DiMagnesium Malate to aid in hydrating smooth muscle and cardiac cells, reducing the effects of dehydration, migraine and headache, and improve bowel function/constipation.

Multivitamin and Mineral PRO - 1 capsule serving provides 100mg of Magnesium (or try our Vegan version)

Specific products with Magnesium included:
GlucOX - 6 capsule serving provides 150mg Magnesium to aid improving insulin sensitivity as part of the Glucose Disposal Agent aspect of the formula.

ImmunoPRO+ - 9 capsule serving provides 500mg Magnesium to aid T-Cell function and immunity.

Do you supplement with Magnesium daily?

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Dr Dean St. Mart PhD; Product Manager and Formulator for Supplement Needs