Richard Foster - Strom Sports Director

My name is Richard Foster and I am the Owner and Founder of Strom Sports. I have worked alongside Leigh at Supplement Needs for what feels like forever now (although in reality it’s around 5 years) because we resonated as soon as we met. He has the same ideals around product efficacy and in...

May 02, 2022
Joe Ballinger - The New Breed Coaching

"I believe Supplement Needs to be one of the top UK providers and distributors of health supplements. Not only do they stock multiple brands so you can get all your supplements in one place, their own line is absolutely top of the range. No proprietary blends, only the very best supplements cate...

Mar 03, 2022
Rob Taylor - IFBB Pro

"The guys at Supplement Needs have provided me with all my health supplements for the last few years, and my bloodwork has never been so good. The quality of the products and the speed of their service is nothing short of exceptional. I highly recommend using their products"

Jan 07, 2022
Jordan Peters - TBJP Director

"We have worked with Supplement Needs for over 3 years now and can honestly say, Leigh, the Director, is the most genuine, honest and hardworking guy we have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. He has helped transform the U.K supplement industry with his own line and then also hugel...

Jan 07, 2022
Thomas Maw - TM Cycles

"If you’re looking for a supplement company that is going to cover all bases and deliver every time, then Supplement Needs will do just that. I’ve been using their products religiously for the last few years to help aid my performance, health, sleep and recovery"

Jan 07, 2022