Richard Foster - Strom Sports Director

Richard Foster - Strom Sports Director


My name is Richard Foster and I am the Owner and Founder of Strom Sports.

I have worked alongside Leigh at Supplement Needs for what feels like forever now (although in reality it’s around 5 years) because we resonated as soon as we met.

He has the same ideals around product efficacy and innovation that we at Strom do while coming at things from a different angle and with a significant degree more professionalism! 

In an industry fraught with people who are only interested in progressing there own goals it has been a pleasure to be able to work along side an other business and team that are entirely consumer and product focused.

Supplement Needs are a brand that will always be on the shelf’s of Strom despite from the outside them appearing to be a competitor.

Also - Dr Dean is almost as good at formulating as me xoxo