Supplement Needs Neoprene 7mm Elbow Sleeves


Size: Small (24-26cm)

Our Supplement Needs 7mm Neoprene Elbow Sleeves provide maximal support and compression for the joint, while ensuring the elbow is free to move easily, preserving range of motion. Compressive and insulating, these weightlifting accessories take tons of stress away from your joints to keep you safe, secure and supported. Designed for elbow support on push day.

Using the size chart below to determine which size elbow sleeve is best for you. If you’re looking for a tighter fit, consider selecting a sleeve one size smaller than the chart suggests.

Product Highlights

- 7mm Thickness

- Provides joint compression and warmth

- Strong and durable neoprene material

- Provide maximum support and comfort 

- Suitable for all types of training 

- Sleek black design with subtle silicone branding

- Sold as a pair (2 per pack) 

- Packaged in our drawstring bags

- Sizes Small to XXXL


Size Chart


Small - 24-26cm

Medium - 26-28cm

Large - 28-30cm

XL - 31-33cm

XXL - 34-36cm

XXXL - 37-39cm


How to Measure 

Measure the circumference of your forearm and lower biceps, taken with your arm locked and muscles relaxed, then choose a size that best fits both measurements.